Wednesday, August 6, 2008

why so serious ?

wooo hooo :]

skipped napping time to study finish part of my graphics.
It is almost done :]
I am not very contented with the outcome but wtheck.
I suck in it now, or maybe, time to come too =S
I might be dropping the whole visual communication dreams.
Just maybe.

I finally watched The Dark Knight last week, yes, after so long. I am not a very updated person lately lah wtf. What I can say is Joker is awesome :D Heath Ledger definitely did an awesome job, Christian Bale did not really stand out much or maybe I focused too much on Joker ;)

The Mummy is out, I need to go watch it before it's off the cinema -__- oh, The Love Guru & Forgetting Sarah Marshall is coming out too, so can't wait :D I am pretty excited over movies lately, or maybe it's just my life, it have been rotting.

I am pretty contented with it tho ;)


I'm doing a lot of online shopping lately.
e-boutiques are very very tempting :(
they should be BANNED! kidding.
but they are really addictive, grrrr.
I am even buying birthday presents online now wtf.
I know I am lame.
what to do ?

I am/will be staying in a lot lately, the mother stopped complaining about not being home, the father is also very happy to see me studying by myself without having him to remind me everyday.


at least I think I am trying to be one, now.
please don't puke if you see this, lol.

*flashes GEEKY smile*

By the way, does anyone know why is the National Service name list not out yet ?
It is already August wtf.
I have been waiting for the list to come out since the beginning of this year.
sheeesh, I don't like all the suspense =S

oh, time to go jogging now :D
goodbye *waves*

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