Sunday, September 14, 2008

916 wtf :D

I am watching Formula One WTF.

yes, Mathematics 2 is tomorrow, Accounts 1&2 is on Tuesday.
and I am sitting here watching F1 and typing this post.
wtf, Raikkonen is not in top10 yet
I hope Hamilton's car suddenly DIE on him

I am a KIMI RAKKONEN supporter.

ManU lost last night WTF

mind you, I was so happy the minute Tevez (assisted by Berbatov) scored ok.
then Brown had to score an own goal...
Titanic clashes ... kononnyer

anyway, I have to continue with my F1 now.
wtf, kimi needs my moral support XD

will probably be back after trials.


an important date.
we, Malaysian know why, no ?

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