Saturday, October 18, 2008

the bad & the good, which ?

It is important for a girl to know these types so that she can make better choices.
Here are the most common :

The bad

The quit escape artist
This man comes on like a hurricane. Then, six weeks later, he's got a million excuses why he can't see you anymore
How to spot him :
He gets a lot of phone calls from women, and dresses in a peculiar combination of styles. And he eats at odd hours.

The woman hater.
He pursues you relentlessly and treats you fabulously. But after he wins you, everything that was right about you is suddenly wrong.
How to spot him :
He charges his credit card to the limit. He owns several versions of the same item, doesn't want to be a parent and my be estranged from his family.

The secret manipulator.
He's kind and makes a good impression on others, but somehow, things always go his way, never yours.
How to spot him :
He likes children, but wants to control them and is very protective of family members. He isn't style-conscious and is a do-it-yourselfer who keeps his cars a long time.

The intense (but crazy) man.
This man is so magnetic, you would surrender your own life to him. But he does everything to extremes.
How to spot him :
He seems exhausted much of the time, probably smokes and forgets to eat. He's a secretive loner who doesn't have much money is often angry a family members.

The hustler.
He's after one thing and one thing only. SEX !
How to spot him :
He's a good dresser who's physically fit, tries to stay young and often drives a sexy sports car. He lives in an apartment or condominium furnished with lots of mirrors and rarely mentions his family.

The good

The loving traditional man.
This man's woman is just about the most important thing in is life. HE wants a godo home and family more than anything else.
How to recognise him :
He dresses conservatively, has good manners and likes order. He chooses practical cars, is careful with money and relies on you to keep him healthy by preparing nutritious meals.

The loving, many-faceted man.
He's the most women seem to want. He's an ewqual al and partner who has many interests.
How to recognise him :
He thinks of himself as the greatest at whatever he does and has had several career changes. He considers his home a nest, spends money freely and wants to be a father. He enjoys people, but has few close friends.

The loving limited partner.
This man is very independent and needs a woman who is, too. He's romantic and thoughtful. However, you'll always be second to his work.
How to recognise him :
He's often quiet and thinks of himself as logical and rational. He dresses and grooms himself to perfection, takes good care of his car and lives in a very comfortable home. He may want no children, though, because they take up too much time.

"Good guy, bad guy. How a girl can spot them?"
extracted from The Star, Cupid Connection.

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