Saturday, October 25, 2008


Finally free to update my blog about... my Ipoh-one-day-trip.
hee hee :)

I had freaking diarrhea the night before it after Sarah's party lol
went to the doctor early in the morning to get painkiller and some med.
sheesh, mahuan betui I know.
had a light breakfast before the journey.

We started our journey at around 9 something, or is it 10 something?
har har I don't remember =.=

we reached Lumut (I think) and stopped by a
fehhh-messs restaurant for lunch :)

after lunch, we headed to Ipoh... for more food.
I'm sorry
the whole main reason for the whole trip is only for the FOOD :P

I love the whole BLUE feel :P

anyway back to the trip
we finally reached our destination.
Lou Wong for the
taugeh chicken.
hee hee.

after eating it, we headed back to Penang.
ok, I promise, no more food (for this post)

how can you end a post without a picture of yours truly... right?
I bet you people missed seeing my big big face.

here you go... (don't puke wtf)

I am so sorry it is mostly pictures.
I am sure people will prefer more pictures than more words right?
I cannot really remember whatever happened in between lol.
my apologies :)

my wish list is coming out soon.

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