Friday, October 31, 2008

My Wish List

I have too many wants, too many cravings.
I am listing them down before I forgotten all of it due to SPM.
& my birthday is coming too! *hints*

1. More red tops/dresses

2. Perfume

Gucci by Gucci & Escada Moon Sparkle

3. Accessories

4. The Limited Edition White Musk Intrigue Set

5. more bikinis/swimsuits


7. Charm bracelets

8. A tattoo on my lower back

9. A new laptop

10. A trip to...

the City of Modern - Dubai

the City of Fame - New York City

the City of Lights - Paris

Yeah that is my Top 10 Wish List.
There are more but they're just sidelines haha.
wheeeeeeee la la.
Took a week just to finish up this wish list.
nyeh nyeh.

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