Monday, November 10, 2008


High school finally ended, yes, we are officially EX GIRLS now.
When I passed the school the other day, looking at the form five classes, it was all empty.
I felt different, you know.
The emptiness inside.
The feeling of not having everyone there anymore.
It's different from parting in camps.
I see these people for the past five years, I might not favor some, but it is already a routine, something I got used to.
School have always been my second home, I spent almost half of my life there.
And now, I have to learn to walk away from it.
Leaving it with only memories embedded in this little brain of mine.

I remember when I first got into school, I was hoping and praying to get over school life as soon as possible.
I am sure everyone once had that thought, no?
Typical hmm?

Now, look, how far have we came.
Finally, Form 5, finally, the last day of school.
Finally, graduated.

CGL Classes of 2008


For the years, we were told to remember,
We will say our goodbye,
To the eleven years of good times,
And bid adieu to the friends, old and new.

For the memories we will never forget,
The photos of our past, meet our current minds,
The laughter we had, put a smile on our faces,
And it will stay forever.

For the moment we lived through thick and thin,
Be it tough and tearful moments,
Or the happy and cheerful moments,
But, right now, all of those are dear to me.

For the times we try to relive,
Whether it was running during cross-country
Or dancing during Teachers’ Day,
We can still relive it, all in our memories.

It is amazing how time flies in a blink of an eye,
So many memories often come and go,
In time, we will laugh and cry,
But it was all for it.

These were the years, we were told to remember,
These were the memories, we will never forget.
These were the moments, we lived through thick and thin,
These were the times, we tried to relive.

written by me :)

I will miss you people so much, even if I don't talk to you, I will miss your presence.
Everything have to come an end.
& this is mark the ending to our schooling life.
*smiles with teary eyes*

Goodbye CGL.

i will be back, one day.
Just one day :)

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