Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Moment With My Kakiis

The Moment....

The picture was taken this year in Chung Ling High School Campfire, it was a hard choice choosing which picture and all as there were too many pictures and I decided on the picture below as it is very meaningful, it was taken on the 3rd of June, a day before my mother's birthday ;) I had to attend my LAST CAMPFIRE of my schooling life, yes, LAST CAMPFIRE, after 5 years of attending campfires & camps, it all have to come to an end, they say all good things come to an end ey?

I remember all the hard work we put into this campfire, the dance we prepared for days after our mid term, yes it wasn't good enough to make it to the campfire but at least we tried our best, I remember going to Chung Ling as early as 7am just to register and nobody was there, there were only a few CGLians while other schools had so many people coming in already, we were panic and started calling all the seniors to come early, even forced them to skip tuition to come early, fun times *sighs* I even remembered we were so yeng with our dance clothing but we still end up not getting through the audition -.- grr, but nevermind.

Yeah it was a great night, even though it rained the whole night, we danced through the rain and had a lot of fun the whole night, from dancing in the rain to exploring the school in the dark to... screaming & shouting & cheering like nobody's business for our alma mater ;)

It was worth all the sore throat & body aches the next day.

I love my kakiis sekalian :]
although some of them are not in the picture.
I still love you people.
I so will miss my guiding life, all the camps and campfires I will be missing.
Thinking of it makes me want to cry *sighs*

ANYWAY, yes I shared my moment with my kakiis, have you?
If you haven't, log on to, sign up and start sending in your entry!

About the freaking-awesome-and-amazing-and-tempting prizes I mentioned in my last post, I shall show you the prizes for the PHOTO CONTEST.

urgh, the whole new SONY SKINNY T CAMERA.
tempting hmmm?
then what are you waiting for!?

All you have to do is ....

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yes, it is that easy :D
so, people, go try your luck ! :)

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