Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back ! booya


This blog shall resume back to normal.
with pictures and me updating more as usual.
I've gotten used to my timetable.
(like finally, woo hooo, took a long time, I know -___-)
but at least I'M BACK! woots.

I miss being in high school so much.
I miss wearing pinafore to school everyday.
I miss not having to worry to what to wear to school everyday.
I miss not having to worry clashing clothes with people in school.
I miss going to school every morning and have a permanent seat in class.
I miss being in an assembly.
I miss singing school song & the national anthem & the state anthem.
I miss listening to Venne's jokes -____-
I miss having ChiaSin to
menilik which teacher won't be in school, lol.
I miss seeing all my (ex)classmates.
We all bonded so well, two years of seeing each other almost everyday.
I think we see each others faces more than anything.
HA HA (its suppose to be a joke -__- laugh lah wtf lol!)

anyway, basically, my point is......

(and all the faces I've been seeing all my life...)

oh, yeah, I am finally done with all the last day of school pictures today and posted it on Facebook, go add me up if you want all those picture :D
I haven't been seeing

as much I used to anymore (which is like everyday) and I can't really get used to it
(say awwww! :P)
oh I see YueShern in college everyday so except her

honestly, I miss everyone :( do a reunion or gathering when everyone is free ok, like maybe after SPM results and stuff :P I wanna take picturessssssss! bahhh.

anyway, college have been great and I'm surrounded by awesome course mates, there are a few exceptional but let's not go there, I don't want to ruin my mood :)
Mummy said Ignorance is Bliss, hopefully it is blissful -___-
ok ignore that, let's go back to awesome course mates, I haven't been talking to everyone in my course but I will be doing it now, yes it's my February resolution :D awwwwwww :D

aww, our SuperHuman clique lol.

(picture courtesy of Kylie)
and there's our Red Attire day.

and for that picture above, that's somehow just a quarter of my class okay, yes just a quarter or maybe more, I don't... remember. Sorry, blame my little brain :D heh.
There are more things happening but I haven't been uploading the latest pictures yet, I shall, soon, Monday is a holiday, I will update again before College reopen.
Damn that sounded wrong -___-

okbye :D

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