Sunday, May 31, 2009

enlighten me//

hey, where are you now?
at home *long pause* why?
nothing, just asking. you hungry?
umm, xiu xiu lor.. (a little bit)
lei yiu sek siu yeh mou? (want to eat supper?)
no, it's late. you should stay at home more often. always come out at night.
stay at home lah, I'll kau tim (settle) myself.
but I'm... nevermind, forget it. bye
*hangs up & drove away angrily*

sometimes I should learn to control my anger.
I end up taking the supper for him back home.
I wanted to throw it away.
but I waited one hour for it.
so yeah, his-one-hour-waiting-supper which is no longer his is now in the refrigerator.

an old flame friend came back.
I missed the old times.
it feels like deja vu again.

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