Saturday, May 16, 2009

mid of May

I don't care about your judgment.
I don't care about your wild imagination.
I don't care what you tell him/them.
I can feel your insecurities even if you're far away from me.
Tell me now, why do you think I walked away in the first place?
boy, you're so confusing, but its okay.

So yeah, I have not been updating a lot since last month.
April was filled with birthday celebrations (:
May was filled with lots of actions and heart2heart talks.
Today marks the half month of May and I'm already tired/sick of it.
I do not really favour this month, suffocation, misunderstandings, farewells.
It scares me to know college is ending soon, too.
6 more months to go and we are all going separate ways.

What to study ?
Where to study?
To stay in Malaysia or move to a total foreign country?
decisions here and there.

Malaysian Studies finals on Tuesday and I can barely recall anything about it.
Mid term is coming too, somewhere around mid of June.
So many things to do, so little time.
back to the old days, gotta start burning the midnight oil soon =/

Anyway, good luck to all students having their midterm/finals now, high school, colleges & universities.
ALL, GOOD LUCK *big smiles*
sorry if I'm a little too late ;b

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