Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Black & White.

You're not talking, we're not talking much anymore. I'm guessing you're busy nowadays, with all the new friends. I do not blame you, why should I? We're just friends, okay, maybe we weren't even friends, acquaintance I guess. Or we weren't even close to being acquaintance, no more hellos & mornings in the morning anymore. Barely a goodnight or goodbye ever since your last.

I don't know how to put this into words but we used to talk like nothing matters, and now, we are talking with full cautious, afraid of saying the wrong things, scared of uttering the mistaken phrases, the fear of misleading each other to more confusion. We are beginning to drift apart from all the unspoken words.
I was never angry at you, I never would, even if I said I was/am, do you really think I would ignore you for some petty things like that?

I believed you are different from others. I still do, your reassurance never fade.
I told her words I want you to hear, black&white, the grey area of us.
All our indifferences, my flaws, your imperfections.
We are no different from all.
Miscommunication, I guess.

I don't like you.
I just think you brighten my day up.
Your smile, made my day.
Your presence, ease my pain.
I don't like you, at all.
I just think of you most of the time.
&& I talk only about you.
I honestly don't like you.
contrary much

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