Sunday, June 21, 2009


Classical conditioning
Melanie Hernandez C. - Wait For You (Neutral stimulus)
She listens to this song every time she chats with him online (Unconditioned Stimulus)
He made her happy, she smiled like nothing else matter (Unconditioned Response)
Every time the song plays (Conditioned Stimulus)
She smiles (Conditioned Response)

Stimulus Generalisation ;
In classical conditioning, the tendency for the conditioned stimulus
to evoke similar responses after the response has been conditioned.
For example, she has been conditioned to fear seeing his car,
she will exhibit fear of any cars similar to the conditioned stimulus.

Self-handicapping ;
An action or choice which prevents a person from being responsible for failure.
For example, a student decides to go out partying
and drinking the night before an important exams.

This is Psychology overdose.
it's easier when you're applying it to real life examples.
If only, everything is as easy.
I've been thinking way too much.
Concluding my own conclusions.
Changing my perceptions.
Don’t act distant to hide affection.
Don’t pretend like you don’t care when you really do.
If you’re not strong enough, don’t do the two sentences typed above.

It’s too late, now.

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