Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this is then

I just realised I haven't been updating my blog like I used to, last year, before SPM and all.

I do not really know why I just stopped, it's weird.
It's not like I'm totally busy :/
maybe I was, college, one year crash course, pre-university course = never easy :(

but I never regretted choosing SAM

ok this is suppose to be my come back post.


because college ended, but no, I still don't get my long awaited holidays like I always say.
I am getting my results tomorrow, 6 am to be exact
after 11 months of studying, busy writing reports, doing assignments, tonnes of mini test and the MAJOR FINALS O.O
this is the time everyone is most afraid of
what we can do now is wish for the best and expect the worst
I'm actually an optimist but life sucks, you gotta add some pessimism to equalize it :P

I won't say I'll fair damn well
for now, I just hope to pass, I'd be really happy if i do :)

this year is coming to an end soon
like in a blink of the eye, its year end already :(
this year is definitely one of the best
this year :
1. I went for January intake despite the fact I told everyone January intake is for people who cannot wait to study -.-
2. I am maid-less, after 17 years of depending on maids, I'm finally maid-less.
3. I learned how to cook mee using a microwave (lame)
4. I got into my 1st accident
5. I met some amazing people
6. I sat in front of the comp for 16 hours straight doing assignment :(
7. I drifted and never die :P HAHAHAHAHAHAH
8. I turned legal =)
9. SAM NIGHT 2009 was made POSSIBLE :D and also SAM MAGAZINE ZOMG :P
10. I hiked up Penang Hill in the middle of the night :X
& etc etc :D

I can't believe its going to be over soooooooon!
anyway, I've been eating outside so much these days since my maid left.
I miss home made dishes, now I understand the important of homemade food.

RESULTS IN 10 HOURS TIME. zzommmggggwtfbbqccbknnmcb :(
slit my wrist, cut my throat, take my heart.
MAKE ME BLIND :O i dare not look at the results laterrrrrrr :(

HELLO 2009, I have 16 more days with you.
I will miss you when you're gone, 2010 better be good :O
I'll blog more I guess :O
heheheheh. I'm like free, EVERYDAY :P

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