Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the bus not taken

done with Research Methodology paper (well, just for midterms)
wasn't very good, seriously
I think I'm slowly getting used to ... not doing well wtf
but I mean seriously, MCQs aren't as easy as it sound
there are four or five close choices, super close, some even sound the same

today was unbearable, seriously.
walked from the main block to wisma, literally, walked, with LEGS wtf
just the right time to walk, right?

7.50 am : reaches main block bus stop, small HELP shuttle bus drove off but there are still a lot of students waiting.
8.00 am : HELP shuttle bus, the big yellow school bus, came, everyone rushed to it, couldn't be bothered to force myself with 80++ over students there
8.05 am : mini HELP shuttle bus arrived, it's so small it can only fit 25 max! couldn't get up the bus either.
8.08 am : Sof & Cassandra suggested we might as well just walk to class, since the waiting was unbearable and there were more students coming... blah
8.15 am : walked out of the main block from the FRONT GATE.
8.20 am : walked passed ESSO & Jes' place
8.25 am : walked passed Batai Hostel
8.30 am : saw Manulife building & HP Tower, almost liked you found a puddle of water in the desert, yes, it is that bad
8.35 am : climbed up the stairs to reach KPD block & walked to Wisma HELP, saw the big fat ugly yellow HELP shuttle bus passed by
8.40 am : reached the exam room, was 10 minutes late, was so soaked in sweat, my whole hair (which I just washed earlier in the morning) was wet like as if I just washed it, wtf

super FML moment

& did I mention when we walked, we kept walking uphill & there's no downhill?
it's not that steep but it is freaking tiring, for me laaaa
I have not even ate breakfast yet that time :(

now I appreciate the shuttle buses in HELP & the bus drivers so much.
I promise I'll be good next time & say more thank yous IF you(s) fetch me :P

Anyway, gotta crash now, so tired, my back is aching.
I have MC100 to study & PSY113 essay pending, due tomorrow!
DUE TOMORROW, who stupidly have assignment due the day before exam :(
then again, it's different subject so yeah, blah :(

have a gooood day everyone! *wavessss*

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