Thursday, March 11, 2010

If one day...

I were to die

will you remember me?
will you come to my funeral?
will you even know my name?
will you realise that I'm gone?

will you?

at times, I just feel like blasting my speakers to the max.
The loudness clearing up the background voices.
It is way more peaceful like that.

This whole situation is really draining all my energy.
I do not like to be stuck in between the past, wasting my life on this.
It is not worth it.

but there's just nothing much I can do.

&& assignments are piling up.
I'm really not sure how/what to do first at all.

EBSCOHOST is being a big bitch.
I do not know how that damn thing even work
gotta figure them soon.
so many journals to read :(