Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hello I'm back

Two weeks term break is over & semester2 started on Monday. Horrible time table -.- thank God it is a short semester. In these two months, I'm not going back Penang, need to start getting used to the whole leaving home thingy. The whole two weeks break almost turned me back to the homesick girl back when I just arrived KL, oh well.

I know I haven't been updating much, been too caught up with assignments and finals before, then holidays back in Penang, the KL friends came over to visit Penang, entertained them for four days straight. FULL TIME SOMEMORE :X they better be proud, pffft. The rest of the holidays were spent with family & loved ones ;) oh, PENANG FOOD TOO.

My camera have been pretty rusty, been taking pictures but too lazy to upload it. There are a few albums in Facebook anyway.

Will start picspamming soon.

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