Saturday, December 11, 2010


Have you ever met THE person? That one person that you’d do anything for just to make them smile. Time is never wasted as long as when you’re with that person. That one who’s company you enjoy more than others. Just the thought of that one person brings a smile to your face. Even just the sight of them makes your day that much better. They do so much more, that just makes your heart beat a little bit faster, and makes your stomach have that many more butterflies. Overall, you can say you are in love with them. You love that person with all your heart.

But what’s the problem? You don’t want to risk your friendship. As much as you’d love to take your relationship with him/her to the next level, you’re scared to. Why? Because what if that person doesn’t feel the same way as you? That would ruin the friendship, and you’d lose that one person you loved the most. Your heart is practically gone if that were to happen. You love the person too much to let your own feelings get in the way of the friendship. You’d rather suffer the pain of not taking the risk rather than losing him/her for good.

Time passes by and you see that person love someone else. Hurts, a lot. You lost your chance with that one person you get to be with. Sure, your still friends with them, but was all that pain worth what you’re going through now? Seeing someone you love, love someone else? Was all that time, making sure that you’ll be friends no matter what, worth not taking that risk and making each other as happy as can be? Was not taking that risk worth it? You thought that only being “stuck” as his/her friend, would the only way you could have him/her forever.

But all that doesn’t matter now, does it? You love him/her so much, that you’d do anything just to see him/her happy. You’re going to let your feelings suffer (once again) just to know that he/she will be happy. It doesn’t matter anymore that they’re with someone else, you just care for his/her well-being. It hurts so much knowing that you’ve “lost” him/her just because you were too scared to take that chance. Because those stupid “What if”s held you back. Now you’re stuck with the “What if”s of doing it differently like telling that person your feelings. What if you did? What if you were the reason for the smile on his/her face? What if you were the reason that he/she woke up to you every morning? The last thought on his/her mind before going to bed? What if you’re the reason for their happiness? Now these questions haunt you if you did take that risk. But it doesn’t matter anymore.

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