Friday, September 2, 2011

farewell to you ♥

It's been a while since I actually wrote something like this, I don't remember writing any farewell note for anyone on my blog. Here's to you, Regina Tan, the girl I can always run to whenever there's any shit going on, she'll be the calmest and always trying to assure me things will be just fine.

I know Pahang is not far from Penang, and it's only an hour ride from KL but the fact that you are leaving away from this island to somewhere else to study, makes me feel like as though we are all growing up, leaving, one by one. That feeling makes me just want to stay young forever. I'm sure you are eager to start your uni life after the 9 months break.

Remember how we met? We used to be good friends in Standard 3 and then this "funny" dream I had of us kinda drifted us apart. Funny how after a year, we end up still being best friends. Fate, I guess. Having you as my (best) friend have always been an accomplishment to me. Twelve years, it's definitely an accomplishment to me, knowing me, I get tired/sick of people/things easily and after 12 damn years we are still as close as ever, I really thank God for that.

I know I wrote this on the card but thank you for being the great friend you are, I'm proud to be your friend. Thank you for always standing by me, especially through all the tantrums I've thrown to get things the way I want. Thank you for always making time for me even when you already have plans and fetching me, all the time. Thank you too for driving back my car after the accident, I'm sorry I haven't drove you out after that, I promise I will drive you next time ok? That's my promise to you! Anywhere you want, anytime (after 2012 that is) LOL!

Gina, take care there! Don't feel sad or lonely (though it might be unavoidable for the first few days), you have your iPad with you, look at all the funny pictures inside whenever you're down alright? Remember you'll always have us, always.

Wishing you all the best for the start of your uni life!
Will miss you.
xx ♥

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