Tuesday, June 12, 2007

tiu. knn. fuck. mcb

so bloodyfuggin' pissed. Damn it. I don't know who to blame or whatever, seriously, it's really dumb, I'm 16 years old, not 3 years old. I know how to take care of myself. I know how to independant. Grrr.

I didn't sleep continuosly for 36 hours yesterday so I slept really early lastnight, 1 am. This is gonna be a very hectic week, damn it. I'm going uberly nuts with school, there's Teachers' Day this Friday then ODTC on Sat, NIE's deadline is like tomorrow? What the fuck ? Oh yeah, audition for Teachers' Day is tomorrow too -___-"

I'm so exhausted, I need to break away from everything, 23rd oh 23rd I really wanna go to the bloggers' meet.... but.... but.... grrrr, I just can't. DAMN IT! School is nuts, results is f'edup, I got like 40 something for Bahasa Malaysia & Sejarah, not that I didn't expect it, I was just hoping for a little miracle to happen but... damn it, it did not. I was sort of disappointed with my History, honestly, I studied real hard for it. But I end up screwing up, not in paper 2 but paper 1, the bloody fuggin' objective part. Am I stupid or what? Oh yeah, I'm improving in Econs, yay for me!

Oh, I stayed back for dance just now, end up choosing "Like A Boy" by Ciara. Yeah, too impossible ? HAHHA we made it possible, oh well, 2 minutes dancesteps in less than 3 hours, boy, I'm so proud of the Scandalians ! yippeee :)

All black for tomorrow's dance, the boys-girls are wearing all white, we girls-girls are wearing all black. Tomorrow's Uniform day, gotta tuck into the green Rangers uniform again, it's so fuggin' hot alright.

Blargh, my legs are sore due to the dance practise. Seriously, tomorrow's audition, we just started learning today. Gotta work extra hard hmmm?

this is my dearest scandalians - picture taken Nov2006.

look how much we've changed in just a few months. My dance partners, best friends, alter egos, sisters & everything else...

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