Wednesday, July 18, 2007

8 Weird Facts About me

Tagged by Sae Wei :) Ahh, I'm doing my tags tonight since I'm too busy to blog bout shits in school -__-"

8 Weird Facts About ADELENE TAN

1. Alcohol boost my energy. I am very energetic when I start drinking, but it only applies to Heineken & Vodka :)

2. I like collecting bikinis. Not that I wear them everyday, but I like collecting them.

3. I cry whenever I hear an overly happy/sad song.

4. I think gays are cute, certain gays. I don't discriminate gays! :)

5. I used to have an imaginary partner when I was standard 3.

6. I bite my nails in my dreams -____-

7. I am a sucker for guys who can play the piano. It might sound gay, but I've always prefered piano over guitar :)

8. I don't believe in ghost but I believe spirits are everywhere, around us.

I'm not gonna tag anybody.
Too lazy to tag anybody :p

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CRIZ LAI said...

aiyo...all also don wan tag ppl. How come ar??