Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Dreams, I was reading Aaron's post on his dreams coming to reality last Saturday
And it hit me right that night -___-

No, nothing bad happened to anybody.
It's just embarrassing to have the exact same dream like the person you dreamt of.
What's worst, a bloody
hot sexy wet

muahahahha! wild, crazy sex ehh :p

After talking to him, we were having the exact same dream with all the same acts okay.
LOL, I won't go in detail what happened but honestly, it's just surprisingly weird.
How can two different human being which is so far apart from each other
have the exact same dream on the same time with the same person.

Goodness. I feel so berdosa now for having such a dream.
Although he was really hot in the dream *drools*
super duperly hot ! *dreams*

*i hope he's not reading this right now*

I'm obsessed with tea now.
Worst still, tea during school hours.
I feel so freaking sleepy after drinking tea.
Weird thing is, I feel super duperly awake when I drink tea at night.
Am I abnormal ? or is it perfectly normal ?

not emo, I'm just miserably depressed.
Screw it.


Sae Wei said...

alapak.. no gomen no gomen (-_-")

Satkuru said...

hahahaha has it got to do with JS ? -_-"

conan_cat said...

aiks, girl also have wet dreams :P good lar it means you guys are having clairvoyant sex... lol XD