Thursday, July 12, 2007

Just came back from gym :(
I'm tired as hell
Sir cancelled my tuition today cause he's still not feeling well
Blargh, Regina is not coming to tuition later.
I'm dead, I'm gonna be all alone :(
I hate being alone !
Ah, I need B :(

Open Day is today, school was filled with cars.
Cars, many of it. So packed okay.
Lucky my mother came yesterday and took my results.
It was horrible, never in my life have I got such low average before :(
Teacher told mummy, "She always fly to US and never come back. I have to pull her then only she can come back."
LOL. Do you understand her?
Hahaha, she was trying to tell my mother I never focus in class.
Something as simple as that can sound so complicated too at times *shakes head*
My dad was furious when he saw my results -___-
But he was too busy watching football, so he didn't say much.

I guess it's time for me to do something.
Gotta cut my time going out, day and night.
Gotta cut coming online so much
Gotta start taking books back to revise
Gotta read more BM novels -____- [i suck in it]

*sings* kasihku, sampai di sini, kisah kita, jangan tangisi keadaannya, bukan kerana kita berbeda, dengarkan, dengarkan lagu ini, melodi rintihan hati ini, kisah kita berakhir di ... Januari.....

PS ; [I still miss you... a lot. I'm sorry this have to happen again.]


aL said...

luckily not fly to HOLAN =P

Shea Speare said...

Lol! Study hard, sister!

=jaecywong= said...

hey gurl~ how old r u arh? i assume 17 yea? cos u sound matured.. :P kembang tak? *damn must stop typing in malay*

btw, do more past exam papers, that helps a lot! don't procrastinate ur studies too... :) good luck ya! muah!