Monday, July 16, 2007

13th July, Friday

Went to school, after school, stayed In school.
Rachel drew henna for me on both my hand & my left leg :D
Didn't manage to take picture before the henna came off
it's so THUGism lol :D
After that, we went St. Nicholas.
Helped cut & sort addresses of every states.
It gets irritating when the aircond kept blowing my papers :(
After that, went back school & waited for somebody to fetch me home.
Reached home, took my bag & went for tuition straight.
After tuition came back, ate my dinner & showered.
Went for Accounts tuition again.
then, after tuition, sent my brother off to Genting :)
came home, shouted & sleep.

14th July, Saturday

hmmm, woke up at 11 something,
followed my parents to Balik Pulau eat hokkien mee & laksa :)

me in the car, scoping -____-

They dropped me in Gurney after a while
Went to meet him :)
saw the beautiful Mini Cooper there :)
Tempting, beautiful.
We watched Die Hard 4.0
He had to accompany me shopping! Haha :)
After a while, we went to eat our lunch in Fish & Co.



We went to walk around Gurney Drive
then he fetched me home :)
Reached home then have to accompany parents out for dinner again
Walala :D
Came back around 11 something
Lynn PPK me for Ryan!
No MOMO for me :(

15th July, Sunday

Woke up at 7 something
Went to eat somewhere in Pulau Tikus
I saw him walking pass! OMG
Came back home & online till God knows when.
Both brothers came home today from Genting
I saw all the food they bought *drools*

* * * * *

Ahhhh. I have alot to post about stuff.
Gosh, so many things happening these days.
Damn it.
Will blog bout it later, if I have time.
Toodles people :)


=jaecywong= said...

wow so hectic oh!! btw, the fish n chips look delicious~

jangheng said...

em.. y didnt take the picture of hokkien mee & laksa..i syok that place also k..its like near a river wan rite? then got lots of boats at the kampung area wan..i plan to cycle till there 1
sorry bout the other day..