Sunday, July 1, 2007

A new month, a new beginning :)

I feel sick yesterday, really sick, high fever. Karma? I guess so, lazy Adelene stayed on the bed the whole yesterday, almost got bitten by a dog when I was jogging, bad day I guess, after I came home, my whole body was dead tired :( I couldn't eat, drink, breathe. My body was just not functioning except the eyes & fingers. I texted Regina telling her I might be getting a heart attack, LOL !

She was asking me to get my ass to the hospital & do a medical check up before I suddenly die. Then I texted KEATYANG, my mr. HONEY (are you honoured to be featured here? teehee) He was telling me I won't die getting licked by a dog.

I was paranoid, hell yeah, I was.
It was scary, I fell ill all of a sudden after the dog licked me.

Damn, I was sleeping the whole time even when my parents & brothers went for dinner, after they came back, my mum checked my temperature & took me to the hospital.

Darn I hate the smell there, I was almost hospitalised. God, thank God my parents declined. I was saved :D I had to take 6 pills every 6 hours -____-"

My Transformer tickets was put into waste :(
Had to cancel everything since I'm sick
Dad wouldn't even allow me to go for the midnight show
sheeesshhh ;(
No Transformer for ADELENE. *kicks those who watched without me*

the oh-so-sick me :(

between, I bought a bikini last Tuesday
Pink & White stripes. Glittering one :P
I wanted gold, couldn't find it.
No it's not from ROXY :(
Sad, I know, it's from MNG

the pillow was trying to grow boobs too bad it didn't work
too well. XD

btw. I think I'm addicted to ShoutOUT.
Is it a good or a bad thing? :P


CRIZ LAI said...

**almost fainted towards the end** are you going to let me have a heart attack seeing that bikini shot? are sure a daring gal. Anyway, do not get too addicted 1st and get well. Make sure you drink lots of water ok? Kuai Kuai awhile lar..haha. Best of Health always :)

aL said...

"the pillow was trying to grow boobs..."

uh huh. nice one there. lol.

shoutout rawks. totally! hahaha.