Monday, July 2, 2007

I am irritated, partly because of those annoying bunch of lil boys who irritated me just now.
Don't misunderstand me, I love kids.
But noisy lil boys who uses vulgar words and acts like a bloody sissy is an exception.
You see, I was sitting down nicely and talking to a friend.
Suddenly that sissyhead & his bunch of little boys suddenly screamed like some girls.
Then they were fighting, using a rattan throwing at each other
I got irritated as it flew to me but I kept my cool by not saying anything.
But they kept screaming, louder and louder seconds after seconds.
I have my limit alright. They cross it, so I said, keep quiet to that BUNCH OF SISSYHEADS.
Let me rephrase, I politely asked them to just keep quiet.
That sissyhead who talks the loudest suddenly scolded me & my friend
" You ASSHOLE, you got such a big ass like elephant it can't fit on the chair, assholes! "
That's what I got politely saying something.
My friend was pissed so she poured water at him
and he continued assholeing us & his bunch of sissyheads were scared.
They shut up but that main sissyhead, he can never shut up.
This time, my friend got really pissed off, she went up and pulled his ear.
Like what a mother will do when their son lie to her :P
After that, he still continued bitching bout us, nonstop.
Exactly like a bloody sissyhead.
His right ear was so red, he sulked & cried. Maybe peed on his pants too.
Pitiful little sissyhead! I didn't scold him, at all.
I was keeping quiet when he was assholeing. It was a god damn funny scene alright
You can see the look on his face, he is like damn fuggin scared he kept blabbering asshole.
I felt so accomplished when I see that look.
so before he get down from the bus, he screamed
"Fucking bitch! You fucking assholes! Pukitiang!"
Imagine that coming out from a 7 years old boy.
That's not impulsive, that's pathetic, highly uneducated.
Inside my heart, I felt like screaming at him,

You fuggin kiddo, who tha fug do you think you are? You're also one fuggin bitch sissyheaded asshole.
knn, lanciaokia! grrr, mother pussy lil asshole!

I know I'm harsh on a 7 years old, at least I didn't scream at him alright.
I'm not as low as him :)
Seriously, I'm starting to wonder what is the teacher teaching in school these days.

Honestly, the first time I actually said something vulgar.
I was like 10 years old & I was aware of it.
But he's a bloody kiddo.
I wonder does he already watch porn too.
I wouldn't want to know.

Oh HAHA, my fever is going away.
My stomach problem is getting worst.
I need to go for a stomach checkup :D


I want to watch TRANSFORMERS!!

You see that shoutOUT there?
wheee, it's my current addiction
It's contagious too.
It get addictive day by day.
DIEDed lorr.

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chefkhuen said...

wah.. caboh.. u very violent leh..chinese got 1 phrase for u...
" silent dog will kill"
( tiam kau ka sih lang"
*writing with shivering spine*