Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I'm finally done with one of my graphics.
I have one more subcover to do. YAY !
oh and a fuggin' front cover.

I think I'll be sitting in front of the comp for like whole day & night
for today :(
Misery wei.
Today I have a sudden urge of partying.
when I say beach party I mean hot surfer hunks & sexy gorgeous babes.
Yeah, I'm dying to play some water sports too.
I won't call myself hot & sexy but I just feel like going to a beach party now.
Sheeshh. Whoever is organising a beach party, please put my name in your invitation list :P

Between to those who felt uhm weird I was actually so vulgaristic in my previous post
Sad to say, yes I am like that when I'm on angry mode.
Who isn't ? You tell me :P
HAH! At least I admit it xD
Some pretend to be oh-I'm-so-God-damn-innocent.
*slaps forehead* I go cuckoo everytime I see those people.

I'm cuckooing now. shit!

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