Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today is 3rd again
How fast time really flies hmm?
We could have been 18 months already.
If only you know how much I still care...
Oh well, again like Nelly said, all good things come to an end, eventually.

One & a half year ago, they were walking hand in hand.
telling each other i love yous, i miss yous, i need yous, etc etc.
promises of forever were made,
a year later,
promises were broken,
words no longer meant anything,
how far did they go for this?
She walked away to ease her misery,
He stood there staring at her shadow slowly disappearing,
far away, she went,
leading her pretentious life,
reminiscing all their memories,
this love he took at his pleasures & desires,
turn them into scars & seizures.
Nothing matters to her, anymore.
She was made numb by him.
Taking in pains like breathing oxygen,
She needs him.
she loved him, she still do.

If only.. he knew.
He brought the biggest smile to her face by a simple greeting :)

I've slit my wrist for you,
I've shed my tears for you,
I've let myself down for you,
I've put my pride down for you,
I've done everything to secure you,

but you're still you & I'll always still be me.

* * * * *


I like polka dots
I like stripes
I like metallic colours
I like bright colours
I like T-shirts with kinky words
I like miny skirts
I like stilleto high heels
I like bikinis
I like sexy things
I am brandconscious
I am selfish
I am fuggin' materialistic
I am greedy
I like collecting designer bags & purse
I am mean, very very mean
I am sweet, too :)
I want to be curvy
I give up very very very easily
I am a sucker for guys who play violin/guitar/piano/drum
I like guys(men) with wide general knowledge.
I get jealous when somebody gets more attention than me
I work well with numbers
I love Additional Mathematic but I still suck in it
I cry when I'm stressed
I doddle alot in school
I buy things I never really need
I like jiwang songs
I appear offline way too much in MSN
I don't like people who type L1k3 +h!5

and lots more..


Sumilo.com said...

Hmm.. emotional entry huh? who s the lucky guy? ^^

I reply back your expensive comment here ;p hope u get well soon enough 2 watch ur transformers ^o^

miChi3 said...

you are a cool gal!
i like ur attitude..

eh?you are sick? then i also hope that you will get well soon!

ItchyHandseng said...

After reading ur facts about urself i feel scared to be ur friend dee..........haha just jk

Dexterity said...

I like that story u say about that girl and that boy... reminds me of somthing...

oh, smile always =) b happy...

colleen said...

it's not all bad ler..
b glad dat it happened..
dat u&him were once truly in lurve..
its not evryday ppl get to find one dey lurve and who lurves dem back..

all thr is to do now is for u to learn how to lurve urself more..
and before u knoe it..
ur nxt stepping will come along..
ure still pretty young ma..
its gonna take a couple more falling in and outta lurve before u find ur mr right..

be strong!..

"I don't like people who type L1k3 +h!5"
p/s i'm guessing ure not vry fond of me? rofl..

Adelene said...

sumilo ; lucky guy? heh, his name starts with a T ends with a N :P guess it haha

michi3 ; thankyou :) I like you too :D

itchyhandseng ; wahh :( dont want be my friend. JAHAT nehh! bleh, at least I'm honest :P

dexterity ; reminds you of love ? thankyou:D

colleen ; used to bes are pains in the ass. sheesh. I'm young, hell yeah I am :P lol

Chee Hsien said...


CRIZ LAI said...

Hmmm..start with a T and end with an N...TIMBUN? LOL

Heartbreak often leaves miseries in the heart of the person who refuses to let it go. Do not allow it to cut so deep that you cannot breathe peacefully. Face the challenge of surviving through it and learn that he's not the only one who can make you laugh and smile. There is still your "family" out there who will accompany you through the ups and downs of your Life. Take care :)