Monday, July 9, 2007

of Pink Panda & Speech :)

Surprising isn't it? Shout OUT again? HAH ! :D

Let me present you a bunch of pictures before starting my speech :) Enjoy...

Doodle this in school today :)

A closer look.

the closest you can see :)


a list of appreciation :)

What I wanna say is that I've got a PINK PANDA! wheeeeee, 5000th SHOUTS! FINALLY... *smiles*

To all my beloved readers,friends, shouters & whoever that came across this post, GOOD EVENING! I'm assigned by ANGELINE, the first ever FEMALE who reached 5000th SHOUTS to write a speech with 4 paragraphs & 3 lines for at least one paragraph. So yeahhh.

I would like to thank LASKER & ELISE for inventing the amazing & greatest SHOUTOUT. Without you both, there would be no SHOUTERS, without shouters there would be no fun [in my life :P] ShoutOUT was invented quite long ago but it took me sometime to actually put it inside my blog [isk!how dumb of me to have not see it before.DUMB ADE!] I first saw ShoutOUT in Dragon Head's blog & I find it really cute. After much consideration I decided to put it inside my blog :)

ShoutOUT have grown bigger as time passes by, at least it shows a lot of people is appreciating this amazing invention :P wheee :) between, I would like to say, thank you to all the shouters who welcomed me with open hand & those that shouted with me when I was all alone :) Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

Oh, and I would like to admit, I'm addicted to ShoutOUT :( sheeesh...
Adelene without ShoutOUT is like,
egg without yolk,
char koay teow without koay teow,
breathing without air,
life without feelings... :D

I actually wanted to wait for the Pink Panda till tomorrow as tomorrow is my first month anniversary joining ShoutOUT
But then, I can't wait to get it so nevermind then :P lalala

I think I crapped enough for this speech. Sudah 4 paragraphs also d :) YAY

Btw, here's more pictures :)


Contagious addicton, hmmmm

kisses to all.

here's my last syok sendiri picture for today :P


CRIZ LAI said...

Hey.. Congrats.. next.. go study.. Haha... Love you... love ShoutOut.. Love the family too. All the best :)

Chee Hsien said...


so creative......

big girl already... big girls don't cry :P


Shea Speare said...


I'm so envy!!

Aaron Chua said...

Wuah! Nice!
I am so touched to see my name there. LOL~
Keep shining!

Lasker said...

Adelene, that was a super nice post. Remember to keep the paper ya .. 5 years from now, I wanna look back at that paper and remember Adelene .. (depends she still shouts or not la)

Hahahaha. Keep it ya .. I wanna take photo with it! :D

chefkhuen said...
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project010 said...

GANAS.... homework never do.. write this pula.. Hahahaha DAMN GANAS... hahaha.... Congrats on Pink Panda

colleen said...

whoa whoa..wad an entry..
banyak creative wei..i like! =P
and congrats on d pink panda!
ure one helluva ShoutOut Addict!!

Satkuru said...

it's never too late to congratulate you :D

congrats on obtaining the pink panda ;) said...


hardcore shouter..

aL said...

kongratulasi! shoutout rawks. totally!

miChi3 said...

nice nice..
and congrats ya!
happpy to my name over there..=p
at least u didn't forget me!