Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today is 7th of July, LIVE EARTH CONCERT. Waaaaaa *breaks into tears* I'm missing the concert ! Grrrr! If I'm not mistaken, today is also the day they'll be announcing the new Seven Wonders of the World in Lisbon, Portugal.

But, I still don't know which one got chosen, I do hope Great Wall of China & Taj Mahal remains, it's Asian's PRIDE ! Teeheee :)

So yes, today is 07/07/07.

I've spent my 07:07:07 07.07.07 moment on my cosy queen sized bed with......

none other than.....


my sayang accompanied me every day & night since 4 years ago. He was by myside through thick & skin, dry & WET, happy & sad, hot & cold, etc etc :P

wanna see my sayang ?
he's hot & sexy! very yummylicious! :P

My beloved SAYANG (:

I'm pretending it's 7.07 PM on the 7th JULY LOL :)
Good night people.

it's 2.30AM actually :P

1 comment:

colleen said...

wad'd do to ur other sayang?
d one wif d bikini? ROFL!!