Saturday, July 7, 2007

Today I'll let the picture speak for itself kay? Too lazy to write :P

4th July, Wednesday

sarah&i before leaving school for Choral Speaking

the cut I got after buying Slurpee

Me drinking my slurpee :)

The Tan Sisters :)

quarter of the choral speakers.

me & Jan

me & Nicole

me, Jan, Tiff & Nicole.

Jan, me, Nicole, Florence & Tiffany

me & Evon

Sarah & I, again

Abalone from daddy's birthday dinner :D

5th July, Thursday [Daddy's Birthday]

Daddy's birthday cake, Chocolate TRUFFLE.

I'm doing my work when Regina took this :P

this is not a syok sendiri[SS] pic, Regina was taking OUR pic but only my face appeared :P

me & her.

6th July, Friday

Adelene in shades. Deyy! I look weird! grr:(

on the way to tuition

After tuition, first take. Grr, i look horrible!

Second take ; Okay, I look better than the first one :P

my confession ; I *heart* SHOUTOUT.


CRIZ LAI said...

Wah...why your hair like lion king "phong" one :P Anyway, study harder lar and don't play play so much ok? All the best :) said...

hmm.. u r pretty photogenic also..