Monday, July 23, 2007

We had a talk today.
How To Be An A Star Student
by Kumar Something Something

He was funny, that Kumar guy.
He looked like somebody who crawled out from the comic.
He kept showing the all funny acts.
Esp the part where he goes
"Put your hands up now! Now, pat your friends in your front, left & right
His gestures & movements were so indescribable.

I feel useful lately.
Finished the Horror & Fantasy House plan on last Thursday
Both parties agreed, and for now we gotta wait for the bamboo.
We need to raise fund agaaiiinnnn to pay for all the things we need to buy.
I went up to the hall just now, using the primary way.
It felt really eerie, like somebody is watching you.
Like there's a pair of eyes stalking you from far.
When I was walking up the stairs,
the wind was blowing me from behind & everything flew across.
The cupboard couldn't close & kept making that scary sound.
And when I'm in the SPBT Room,
the door banged & the steel door locked by itself.
The ceiling fan turned by itself even when the electricity was down.
It was pretty screwed -____-
Luckily I was there with somebody
or I would have cried like a baby & pee on my pants.

It rained heavily when school end today.
I walked under the rain.
Suddenly, memories came floating back to my brain.
All the under the rain moments with :)
I shouldn't be thinking of all these.

I'm sorry...
I dare not reply.
I couldn't bring myself to talk.
I feel bad for ignoring.
How I wished we could talk again, like normal.
It's hard to pretend I got over it.

kaulah segalanya,
yang menyinar hidupku, kasih
hanya satunya yang kucintai
sambutlah cintaku
jangan kau pergi dari sisiku
cintaku padamu ikhlas sejati

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CRIZ LAI said...

You are making me see stars... The more I read the smaller the fonts get...Finally pink some more... @_@ liao.

Sometimes, letting go without any more thoughts of the love is hard, but no matter what it's the best for both parties. Who knows when you least expected, it will creep back into your life. Stay cool always Adelene :)