Thursday, August 23, 2007

busy days

Sunday's Pictures

delphine, the sexy devil

Regina & Ming Yeng ; his friends are taking their picture too :P

his friends left, they're still shy


Woke up around 8 something.
Regina fetched me to school for the dance practice.

the not so synchronised.

the very synchronised :)

After practising, we went to McD for lunch
Walked back to school & chatted a while.
Then, Celia, Tiff, Gina & Jan ended up following me back to my place.

three on the bed

one on the floor


Woke up around 8 something
Gina came my house then we waited for Celia to fetch us to school.
As soon as we reached school, the camwhoring session started.

Zi Xin & her funny poses

I'm a whore! I meant camwhore :D

the Drama Queen with Style who drinks Milo plays the Floorball too.

Just Do It + Impossible is Nothing = Just Do the Impossible

After practising till afternoon
We went to Venne's house then to Bukit Jambul, for fun -__-"

that's us, whoring in tha bus. (mind me, I looked dumb)

the RAPIDPENANG we took :]

for once, I'm satisfied with the bus services in Penang :)
After walking around BJ for a while,
some of them decided to eat in McD
while, some of us went to Kenny Rogers.
Regretted eating there, the mashed potato tasted like sea water.
The Macaroni&Cheese tasted so tawar -___-
We walked around for a few minutes
then off we went to the arcade to meet Michelle & Shauni.
Ended up playing pool :)

how cute ^^

the name of a lingerie shop

YOBO meant cruel & brutal fellow.
What does that have to do with lingerie?
I really wonder.

dedicated specially for BenjiPapa

funny sight of the kids sitting on a weighting machine




this girl came at 7.15am

Tiff & Celia came to my place.
We waited for Gina to come fetch us to KOMTAR.
Upon reaching KOMTAR's DOME, we practiced a bit.
Then we were told skirts above knee are not allowed in the competition.
All of them had different expressions on their faces.
Me & Celia was planning to go Gurney if we're disqualified.
Too bad, we weren't.
They offered us black leggings.
We looked super lala'ish kay.
We were the only school wearing those crappy leggings.
After performing, we left to KFC.
Met Riizie in KFC with her mother.
Then we walked to Prangin.
Watched Evan Almighty.

the not-so-group-picture-of-ours

Izni & Tiff

busy busy world

our Tour Guide of the day, Kaanchana

<3 them to bits.

us, waiting for results

After knowing the results, we left the building.
Went Bread History to eat then went back home.

Slept reeeaaaalllyy early after being busy for the whole week :)
Finally.. I'm off duty!


Dexter - Dexterity said...


Next time u all must come ShoutOut Pool session liao... :P

conan_cat said...

wah... camwhore post so long XD and lol about just do it+nothing is impossible=just do the impossible... i thought you're going to say just do nothing XD

newayz, looks like nice dancing there! nxt time take video then put on youtube la :D