Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I will be staying home more now.
Hibernating :[
Parents complaining.

Will be off to somewhere during Merdeka holidays.
I need some time off to rest my mind :]

* * * * *

I need to lose weight.

the body structure, the long slender legs
sizzling HOT !


anorexic, anorexic..
I need to be.


Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio
The three famous Victoria Secret models

$&*!^#($(&%*^)#$&$^!()(@#!@*# !!

I'm going crazy :[
Migraine attacking since yesterday.
Gastric got worst from the sourplums.
Feeling nausea :(
Leg cramps are
OMfuckingGly pain.
Muscles are aching like hell.

Is it my time to die ?

*finger crossed*

between, I'm having a poll :D




Satkuru said...

you shouldn't starve yourself adelene. just reduce your rice or anything that has carbs.

maybe you should try fibre biscuits :P

Ichitaka Leingod said...

I vote for the top right doggy...! XD

Dont add rice when eating dinner should reduce quite a lot... :P

sc_Bone said...

cun girls are meant 2 see, not to kao...
u dun have to be super-the-hot to be get noticed,adelene ...
u r wat u r *wink*

p/s : respon 2 ur poll, i like the 1 top-right

Aaron Chua said...

Ish~ Be normal! LOL~
Erm, I vote for Yorkshire Terrier can? :D

-R·K- said...


and i agree with sc_bone... cun girls are like tropical fish, meant to be seen, not touch XD

Annabel said...

I don't usually like any of the 4 doggies... but In this case Yorkshire Terrier is the cutest :) Come my blog see my Jack Russel Terror (not typo, she IS a terror), she's cute too! Unless you seen her already the never mind :)

Lasker said...

Adelene, be yourself laaa. If you change yourself to be someone else, then where Adelene go dee?

I vote for the 2nd girl!!!
oh wait .. wheee ..

All cute la .. I love em all :)

Regina Tan said...

top right !
cute but not welcomed to my hse =)

JJzai said...

i will vote for terrier!!!

conan_cat said...

ahh, all the doggies look cute lor!! how to vote!! aiks!! and erm anorexic will only kill you lor... what you need is to develop a new perception on big sized girls that they are pretty too. hey from ur pics u look ok wert! wan so thin for wert, later like bamboo onli easy break nia haha...

tiffany tan wei ping said...

obviously yorkshire terrier ! ive always liked yorkshire terrier :)

clickme said...

i like shi szu... don have 1