Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 2008 :D

Can you believe it?
I'm form five tomorrow.
t o m o r r o w
I am going to be A SENIOR, a freaking senior weihh.

I've never thought in my life, I'll ever be form five (don't ask why)
it's some inside joke

between, I had a greeeeaaaat New Year celebration :]
New Year Eve in One U with friends && I think I saw Estranged there, I think only lahh, I don't really remember clearly. Then the countdown and I got sprayed by -__- and something happened *smiles widely* then we were off to MardiGras, it was sooo packed inside & HOT but yeah, it was fun. And here comes the worst part of the night, 3 inches high heels at 3am -_-
That was just freaking awesomeful, no ? ;)

Came back to Penang on the next day after brunch at Ian's && bought Dunkins for the BBQ on the way back, reached home and sleep till around 7 something, the father fetched me to Andrew's house for bbq.

woooo hooooo :D

Finally meet them after sooooooo looooong, at least before school reopens hmmm :)
There were like 20 people food and there were only 9 people there -___- eat till can die I tell you, in the end we started gambling, who lose have to eat the sausages.

everybody had to eat sausages after that *smirks*

came back at 11-ish && went to McD for McFlurry.
came back & slept straight -__-

that's how I spend my New Year :)
simple & sweet, no?

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