Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ladies & Shopping ; They go very well =)

I want to fly to US right after SPM twisted twisted

I don't know is it me or what

But shopping there is like damn syok weihh.:devilishgrin:

or is it the money difference?

but what the hell lah?

My friend bought this Forever 21 dress for only $12.99

$12.99 x 3.2 = RM41.60

and I saw it in the Queensbay outlet for like RM129.

wtfuck righttt ?


15 USD = RM48 (for two awesomely pink and cute and velvety bag)

can you kill me? where do you find such great deals in Malaysia you tell me -___-

If they actually open an international brand in Malaysia horh they'll hisap your blood kao kao.

Where got discount till 80 % -___-

nvm, I'll bug the father about the US shopping sprees soooooon.

* * * * *

This morning, I was in the car on the way to my brunch.
Then I heard Hitz.FM i think
There was Phua Chu Kang talking some real honest facts.
the mother & me laughed while the men just kept quiet.

Well, he said

In this world, there are no women/girls that are slim enough.
Even when they're very slim, they'll still complain they're fat.
If you're a man, don't argue with her about her being slim enough.
You'll end up losing.


Female will always complain they don't have enough shoes.
Even if there is the whole room filled with their shoes, it is still not enough.
In the end, guys will also have to sponsor them money to buy more shoes after arguing about how many shoes they have.
So men should just let them buy as many shoes as they want.


Scientifically proven that men speak averagely 1,500 words PER DAY.
If you're thinking that's a lot.
Think about women.
They speak averagely 10,500 words PER DAY.
That is why, men will always lose to women in talking.


. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


I would like to say, the three facts above is very honestly extremely TRUE redface redface
, don't you think so?

Leave a comment & share your thoughts people.

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