Monday, March 17, 2008

#1 bitching post

I'm going to be very harsh today.

(In case you can't stand a bitching post, please leave now)

I tell you horh, some people is just sore losers lah.

After they lose, they'll talk rubbish.

Then they'll start manifesting. Har har har.

Sore-losers lah.

Lose dah but still so stuck up -___-

Degrading kami only, okay?

Just start using some brains & think of all the consequences that is going to happen.

You are all adult people, please start thinking like an adult.

Violence does not solve anything, in fact it will just make problems worst.

Okay, another matter that I got to know today.

Call me immature for ranting it here.

I am impulsive, damn meng-grrrr-kan I tell you.

There is this fatass (I am fat too, I don't care, I am ANGRY,very ANGRY) GIRL.

She is naive & pathetic.

We used to, USED TO be friends.

And I went to her house and her mother was all nice in front of me.

Guess what, after she started irritating the fuck out of me.

I ignored her and I made it very freaking obvious to everybody.

& I mean REALLY OBVIOUS alright.

Today, her used-to-be-best-friend told me that


(HAR HAR HAR, really? Judge yourassfuckingself first)

& since the first day she saw me, she already know I'm very bitchy

Alright aunty, I take that as a compliment.

Actually I never scold people's parents no matter how much I don't like them

I still respect parents after all, they are the one that gave birth to the people I know.

But YOU?

You are an exception.

Calling a 16 years old (last year) a bitch in front of your own daughter.

What a good example of a mother horh ?

Tell me, what good examples more did you show your daughter?

Like teaching her how to cheat people's money with your F-ing cheap roses

Or the part where you write FAKE receipts to cheat us?

You should just get the Mother of the Year award.

Anyway, I'm not stating any names.
If you think it's you then too bad.
This is my public blog.
I blog whatever fucks I want.


I can't control my temper very well,today.
Especially with all the PMS going on
it's probably me & the raging hormones.

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