Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NiE outing

I cant explain this feeling, I think about it everyday

And even though we've moved on, it gets so hard to walk away.

2nd month <3
It is 3 days since you left.
I miss everything of you.
come back fast, b.


* * * * *

Yesterday (since it is past 12AM) was great.
We had our first NiE meeting.
Alpha Qs reunited, except for the Wee Nee.
We had our photoshoot outing.
Took quite a lot of pictures.
Only a few qualified -___-

Pictures will be updated soon
I think
We are going for another photoshoot again later.

Everything is done except for the three posters.

Every year I have to rush the NiE project & EB's gfx.

Damn, I feel so lazy right now.

Alpha Qs

will update soon.
I hope.
heh :)

I miss my sayang, my muffin, my munchkins.

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