Tuesday, May 20, 2008

saddening, mourning.

my deepest condolences to the victims of China's quake.

China's quake death toll tops


and still increasing.

This is so frustrating, the images of children and teenagers being buried under the rubble, WTF is wrong with this world ? More and more natural disasters are happening and taking away more lives than ever. Especially those that is innocent. This quake have injured hundred thousands of people and destroyed the homes of millions.

First it was the Myammar's cyclone, then come the China's earthquake.

People, do what you can to help the victims of the cyclone and quake.

Help the poor.
Do what you can to contribute to the victims.
Especially to those children who lost their parents from the quake.
Help them in any possible ways.
even the slightest contribution might mean a lot.
Do your part & help to save those victims.

God, I feel so helpless.
other than donating money and praying for them.
There's nothing much I can do right now

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