Sunday, June 15, 2008

RED is so bloody HOT

Celebrated Woan Shing's birthday yesterday :]
I know I didn't message you any birthday wishes at all.
Like I said, I want to be the LAST since I can't be the FIRST
but it was actually a reason of my forgetfulness.
wtf, sorry hun.
i love you :D

here are the picture :]


with Sok Wah

my Pan Fried Fish Fillet. [took approximately 38 minutes 27 sec to finish it]

the moment

cuppies we bought for her :D

the cake she brought along. yums

the Five. wheres Tiff ? :(

berpose-pose with the Rest Room :|

candid :X

you gotta love us :]

our RED moment xD

Red is HOT.

I'm hotter xD no? [ok, perasan much...]

you know you WANT/LOVE me.

kisses to all

Ahhh, I finally updated something
HAPPY or not?
you can finally see pictures again.
tsk tsk.

anyway, results came out.
did very badly but at least I passed BM :]
and my Moral paper was the most unexpected.
Maths objective was shocking -___-
Add Maths was predictable.
History was uhmm-not-too-bad
English was bitchifying with Mrs Fork -___-
Science was just lapsap/sampah/rubbish.
the rest ? still in the process of marking.

booo, I am not greedy.
I just hope to pass my Add Maths and BM in trials.
the rest? Ace & Credits will be good enough :]
no G, E or D anymore, please.

*prays very very hard*

will update more, I guess.
Goodnight sweeties :)

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