Saturday, June 21, 2008

insomnia =/

I can't sleep. wtf

I kept waking up every 30 minutes, my brain went blank for a while. I have heartburns so frequent these days and my head ache so bad at times it almost exploded. I kept getting so uptight about unnecessary things, I feel so nauseous nowadays. X-ray showed negative but the doctor wanted to take the blood test to confirm. Result will be out on Monday, I feel so wrong.

What if
it comes back again?

. . . . .

Dee, oh and not forgetting I miss hanging out with friends now, chilling around, playing Blackjack and Chor Dai Dee and not forgetting, JETSKI-ing together. It's not long since I did all those
(except JETSKI) but the wanting to spend more times with friends just took over me, like this morning? I thought of so many things I've done in the past, the wrongs and rights, the funny and pathetic acts, the hurtful words I've said to some people. These wall I've built have been up too long, it's time to loosen up. It is time to think of what I finally want in life.

I know I don't really update this blog with my outing that much anymore. I guess it's the laziness built inside. I'm sorry readers who actually took their time to come and visit to check if I updated. I will update more these days, I hope :/

Anyway, I think I drive and park better when I'm drunk.
shhhhh. Lastnight, I drove the brother's car out to get something after a few heineken and woahhh, I parked so chun kay and there was police somewhere near my place, thank God they didn't see me :D I know it's bad to drive without a license but, it was urgent. Once a while is alright I guess :]

oh, and something. I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT, damn it -.-
twenty kilos. you think crash diet will work?

will update tomorrow if possible :]

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