Sunday, June 22, 2008

time out.

" It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night
But I'd rather have you here with me
Right next to me
And I miss the way you hold me tight "

I just got back from Perlis just now.
High cholesterol seafood, cheap & good booze, midnight driving (again), more heart burns & lots of mosquito bites.
I think that pretty much sums up my 24-hours trip to Perlis :]

Mr. Doc said to cut down the intake of alcohol and less cigarettes.
I don't even smoke wtf rolleyesrolleyes

as I was waiting for somebody to make miracle, I took a test.
& my results ?






You have high stress.

Take action now to reduce and manage your stress. Stabilize the amount of changes in your life and avoid unnecessary stress. Evaluate how you communicate, manage your commitments, and prioritize your time. Make stress-reducing lifestyle choices a priority: seek therapy or exercise.

I didn't know I was so stressed.
nyehhh. I am happy
i think.

I really am trying to convince myself,
but it's getting abit too rusty.
the smile, its starting to turn upside down.
I am actually missing the old times, like when clubbing used to be so legal redface
Dancing in 4 inch heels for 2 hours was not even tiring .

(there is always a but....)

what happened to all that ?

another Earth word for living hell :)

five more months and I'm so freaking out of here.
kurangkan stress..

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