Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday Shopping Spree

I am paranoid.

It's just Prom :]


I don't care anymore :)

* * * * *

Sunday, went out with RachelHo & Regina. Had something in the house in the morning and celebrated the father's birthday earlier :) then off to Queens.

Walked around aimlessly and bought
few dresses & tops. I splurge like, a lot, I think.

I'm too lazy to blog about it, geee (laziness. wtf) but there will be pictures.

R with A.

G with A

threesomeeeee xD

we were very much WOWed by the size =/

consequences of hours of heels :]

kids at heart. xD

sore&smelly feet


with RachHo.

three contrast ones :]

ME :]

I really am paranoid nowadays.
is it me ? or what?
I suddenly feel everything is crushing down, very fast.
Like, in a blink of eye, it's already June.
grrr.. will update again soon :)

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