Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"Master what bed ? no wait, wtf. You meant masturbate? "

"I don't like her, actually, I don't like everybody, I have a thing with hatred. "

"I think I am the opposite of cupid, you know ? Like I break people up a lot. wtf. I'm so mean. "

"For a moment or so, I actually thought she was pretty, then I came back to my senses and took back my words. If you think white-face-ghost is pretty, then she's the prettiest girl I've ever met. "

"I was a very sweet & innocent girl back then, like seriously. Then suddenly, I turned so mean & evil. Whetever happened to the once innocent Adelene? "

"I think I'll never love anybody as much as I love... myself. wtf? "

all the random things I said in these few days.
I think I'm self obsessed like crazy.

Today is such a sleepy day, I slept the whole day at home after school.

the father set some new rules for my pre-SPM days.
no partying till late hours.
no more excessive alcohol intake. WTF
no daily/weekly outing.

Yeah, I understand it's for my own good.
Therefore, I'm compromising with it.

just SPM
a few more months.



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