Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I'm trying to sleep early these days.
lastnight I decided to send goodnight messages to some chosen people.

35 messages sent.

15 came back.
12 slept like babis.
8 got no credit to reply.

out of the 15 replies.
10 thought it's so UNBELIEVABLE I'm sleeping so early. wtf
4 replied with some goodnight wishes or smth.
1 called me crazy. *slaps*

out of the 12 sleeping beauties/hunks.

5 saw me in school and called me crazy for texting them.
3 more called me in the afternoon to ask me if I'm alright.
3 messaged me the next morning and apologized for not replying.
the other 1? laughed at me :(

Is it so unbelievable I'm sleeping early?
damn, I think some people are just mean.
I can be a good girl ... at times *flashes geeky smile*

okay. I am really going to bed now.
*waves like a mad girl*

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