Saturday, July 19, 2008

failed updates. apologies.

You know, I have so many things I want to update.
but I can't seem to remember anything about those events
except I only have all the pictures lol.

Let me list down all the events I planned-to-blog-but-failed & those in-the-process-but-probably-failing.
- Chung Ling Campfire [June 3rd]
I totally forgotten everything about it but I'll post pictures of it.
- Janice's Birthday Party. [June 4th]
That pretty girl's birthday, I pun forgotten what happened, bad memory -___- but I still have all the pictures :D will post, soon.... kuaa ?
- Woan Shing's Birthday blogged
- My trip back to Perlis.
I only remember crashing the museum and palace in the middle of the night and the rest? history. wtf. LOL. Might post up some pictures too.
- the father's birthday bash
okay, I don't think there's anything to blog about this :D but there might be pictures. Hopefully I can find the pictures still.
- the brother's farewell
Nothing much, just mostly pictures... I think.
- Rangers One Day Training Camp.[12th July]
It will be another photo spam post :] vain rangers, a DSLR, what do you think happened ? :P
- Vennezia' s Birthday @ Queens. [13th July]
I can pretty much remember everything still since it was just a week ago. Will write about it, soon, hopefully it will be successful.

Yes, that's pretty much all I think.
I'm not too sure :S
But that's probably all I can remember lahh.

One day I might get so bored, I'll update with a freaking huge photospam post.
Hopefully that day will come soon? lol.
Most probably when I'm all done with EB :D


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