Sunday, August 31, 2008

happiness blossoms

I am very much happy with my life now.

tho Trial is just one day away.
and I'm pretty much not prepared, been out everyday for the two whole weeks.

but who the fuck cares.
It's just TRIAL, right, I'm assuring myself.
shut up if you're going to say TRIAL IS IMPORTANT, I know it better.


Latest happenings ?


Bought a new Olympus 12MP camera.

I wanted this EXILIM RED S10, damn chun can.
Slim and sexy and most importantly, it's RED.
It will go so well with my phone.
Oh well :)

the Father wanted to get the Olympus so too bad =)
DSLR on the way ;]
Behave well and you will get it after SPM.
sure thing, daddy *winks*

Did I mention I love my father a whole lot?
like really, we barely fight and he tries to give me everything I want.
eventho my results were shitty, he never gave up.
He gives me the freedom I want yet he have everything in control.
like making me feel damn guilty and make me think I should be studying more instead.

He is just awesome lah.
Not forgetting my whole family [mother, first bro, second bro]
I love everyone of them to bits.


I tried studying in the middle of the night, last night to be exact.
Came back from Merdeka Celebration and studied till 5AM.
I really wish to make my parents proud this time.
Lessen up the guilt in me.

I will be a good girl from now.
*raise eyebrows*


I love my eyes a lot, don't ask why.
I am having some self obsessed syndrome lately with my eyes.
I keep taking pictures of it, I have like 74 pictures of my eyes since last week.
I am not psycho thank you.
I just fell in love with the eyes.


A lot of things happened in this whole week, yes, I was down with shits and all, especially the production of the magazine not being able to finish due to trials, but I am grateful to have people by my side making all the disappointment not so disappointing anymore and sharing problems with them is so syok can.

It will definitely be a hectic month for us, fifth formers with the damn trial.
So here I am, wishing all the FIFTH FORMERS of MALAYSIA a very very very good luck and ALL THE BEST for your trial.
SPM's will come later.

I am just taking a few minutes off to write a this post.
It's been pretty long since I actually write so much.


I guess that's all for now
Back to studying now, for real.

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