Monday, September 29, 2008

of hair... and hair wtf

I cut my hair yesterday, yes, chopped off my curls. hmmm I look funny now, like ... like ... LION, not lioness ok, LION wtf.

seriously I never do much to my hair, I only curled it ONCE and that is all but it's fucking damaged, my hairstylist said lack of water and.. something, I don't remember what. HAR HAR, let me show you some pictures of what my hair have became of through the years

*presenting you .... *

the natural hair of mine.

then I curled my hair as it was long enough to curl :D

and it grew longer and I was totally in love with it

I cut it shorter as it was getting messier.

it grew longer.. & thicker this time.

oh and I went to make it thinner, then the split ends came out like omg so much =(

and I finally chopped off all the curls (and the split ends) and straightened it temporary.

And I can't decide now, to curl my hair again or to go for rebonding.
I can't bare looking at my hair now, it is disgusting.
It is not straight or curly, it is wavy in an ugly way.

omg, help me!


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