Wednesday, October 8, 2008

excuses =/

I realised I blog more during school days than on holidays.
I am serious, I feel damn lazy during the holidays.
Always too lazy to do anything, procrastinate non-stop *swt*

lazy to go out, to study, to blog, to exercise, to do revision, to watch the television, to chat online, to text, to talk on the phone, to use the computer (seriously ok, I was only using it for the sake of finishing the magazine), to do house chores (oh wait, I never do house chores =/), to finish reading my novels & lots more... (I don't remember what now..)

I am such a big procrastinator.
obvious, no ?

here I am sitting here drinking my vodka fruit punch, enjoying life like there's no SPM this year. The parents have been asking me when will I start studying and I told them I studied, I feel really guilty right now.

gotta run right now.
have to finish up my designs now

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