Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TAO outing

I am back bitches people :D
I have finally decided to blog about the TAO gathering :)
why ?
My blog needs some sparks.
sparks according to Adelene's dictionary meant
more interesting posts namely to have pictures of her, majority-LY.

har har!
I am being very serious *smiles widely*
I am sure many missed my fuck fat face :D
no ?

The weekend after my trial, we went to Tao after God-knows-how-long-we-all-planned to go, we decided to sit outside ... no, actually it is me, I booked outside because all my beloveds are
too damn quiet and I know that very well. Thank God, we sat outside or I think everyone will be staring at us all the time.

back to the food, here are
some pictures of it.

and the rest?
I got too busy with the food and was too lazy to take picture of it anymore.

my camera victim (do not kill me HAHA)

bloggers will always be blogger

I turned into the camera victim :(
but it is okay, I do not mind sharing my
tham ciak face.
at least you people know how it is like now *evil smirks*

After 10 o clock, everyone left and there's only us, I am serious, we were like the only table sitting outside, and.. in the whole Tao, the waiters and waitresses were all staring at us waiting for us to go away. While they were staring, we girls were doing what we always do best.

the group picture is not with me :(
my camera victim still haven't sent me.

okay I updated today, MUAHAHAH.
I will be back to studying History now.
goodnight <3

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