Tuesday, October 7, 2008

quick update

I am taking a break off studying history, oh the horror of studying -.- I can't even read properly, my neck hurts after only five minutes of reading it, wtf
lah, I need to stop procrastinating, SPM is so close, it is SPM okay, not just any finals =.=

my brain keep repeating the same word over and over again...
oh my God =.= I don't want to go to hell for BM le maaa

I have been cursing a lot more lately, do not ask why, I think its the damn hormones in me. Sheesh, oh did I mention I am a vegetarian for three days ? It's from Sunday to Tuesday, uh huh, Adelene Tan is going on vege, not really vege lah, just... meatless, FISHLESS too.

I am missing my daily milk intake too
Oh fuck, I sound like a baby now.

oh, it is late, I need to continue on my history, at least one chapter, at least! I hope...
*fingers crossed*

anyway since it's so pictureless lately.
I'll post a few pictures to entertain you people before readers start running away :(

I uber love this faux fur jacket

the triple Tans reunited

last but not least, a picture of me.... eating XD

I bet you people missed my face hmmm ?

okay, back to history :D
bye you people.
will be back like really soon.

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